Sāmoan Word Book

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ISBN: 9781573061988

Captioned in Samoan and English, the Samoan Word Book introduces Samoan to all ages while teaching about lifestyle tradition and culture. Words are illustrated for easy comprehension. 

A part of the Rainbow Word Book Series. Each book in this acclaimed series features 200-400 illustrated introductory vocabulary words, a pronunciation guide, and glossaries. The categories — which include family, home, school, the body, clothing, food, opposites, numbers, nature, and time — accurately portray each culture as well as teach basic vocabulary. A rainbow on each cover illustrates colors.


by Aumua Mataitusi Simanu & Luafata Simanu-Klutz

Illustrated by Regina Meredith Malala


paperback   |   128 pages   |   8.5" x 11"   |   B&W