Stars Over Hawaiʻi

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ISBN: 9780912180731

The stars in the night sky over the Hawaiian Islands overwhelm us with feelings of wonder and amazement. They evoke images of Hawai‘i’s first people, sailing from faraway lands, finding their way by use of the stars in the heavens. Their knowledge of the skies, from Hokupa‘a (North Star) to Hanaiakamalama (Southern Cross) helped them navigate the vast Pacific in voyaging canoes and discover new homes. Today, astronomers have explored the heavens with the use of advanced telescopes, satellites and space vehicles traveling to our sun, moon, planets and beyond. Two voyages of discovery separated by centuries, have both found a home in Hawai‘i.

A regional astronomy classic for decades, the 3rd Edition has been reviewed, revised and updated by Dr. Timothy Slater, Astronomer at University of Wyoming at Laramie; senior scientist at CAPER Center for Astronomy and Physics Education Research; and an IAU member. Dr. Slater offered to contribute an update in memory of their mutual friend and colleague, the late Dr. Richard A. Crowe. In 2002 Dr. Crowe undertook the first update to Stars Over Hawaii in over 25 years, providing a tremendous amount of new science, while retaining the charm and voice of the book’s creator, Edwin Bryan, Jr., as published in 1955 when he worked at Bishop Museum. Mr. Bryan’s monthly Hawaiian star charts and star chart finder represent a distinguished accomplishment. Dr. Crowe added a chapter on Polynesian Voyaging and Wayfinding, and arranged for reproduction of the Polynesian Voyaging Society Star Compasses, in addition to a substantial science update. Dr. Slater has polished the statistics and updated facts with a sensitivity to Hawaiian culture gained through working with hundreds of teachers in Hawai‘i. A new Hawaiian Moon Phases chart was added.

Stars Over Hawai‘i presents an introduction to the study of Astronomy and an overview of current knowledge about the night sky above us and the vast universe beyond. Descriptions of the constellations and some of the stories behind the Greek and Roman mythology that is associated with their names is included. Twelve monthly star charts, plus two that label star names in Hawaiian, will help guide you through the year in your own explorations of Hawai‘i’s brilliant starlit sky. Readers can learn about “Lahaina Noon,” when the sun casts no shadow, a phenomenon exclusive to latitudes near the equator. Hawaiian Astronomy is explored through legend, surviving oral history, and the ongoing observation of the skies and our planet. The Hawaiian Moon Calendar is discussed and the Nights of the Moon are depicted and labeled in Hawaiian and other Pacific languages. Polynesian voyaging and wayfinding is celebrated with the inclusion of the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s Star Compasses.

Man’s knowledge of our solar system and the universe has increased dramatically in the 60 years since Stars Over Hawai‘i was first published. This latest edition builds upon a solid foundation to bring star gazers up to date with current statistics and theories about our universe. Stars Over Hawai‘i marries the knowledge of the masterful navigators and astronomers of ancient Hawai‘i with today’s astronomy experts to bring you an integrated view of Hawai‘i’s skies, past and present.


by E.H. Bryan Jr.


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