A Story of Surfing

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ISBN: 9781573062435

Just watch the waves, find the break,
and paddle out beyond the foam.
Pop up when the crest is best
and catch the waves and ride it home.


While learning to surf, a young girl dreams that she is part of the great span of surfing history, which includes ancient kings and queens of Hawaiʻi, as well as the more modern surfing greats like Duke Kahanamoku and Rell Sunn. In a palette that reflects the rich colors of Hawaiʻi’s skies and sea, Carla Golembe paints a story whose rhythm and rhyme capture the feel of riding a board on Waikīkī’s fabled waves. The accompanying read-along CD further adds the sounds of Hawaiʻi.


Writer & Illustrator Carla Golembe is a painter, illustrator, author, and teacher. She is the author of numerous books for children, including The Story of Hula, which in 2004, won the Benjamin Franklin Award presented by the Publishers Marketing Association.


hardcover   |   32 pages   |   8.5" x 11"   |   color