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Swell: A Sailing Surferʻs Voyage of Awakening

Swell: A Sailing Surferʻs Voyage of Awakening

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Embarking on an adventure that most only fantasize about, Liz Clark set sail from Santa Barbara, California, ten years ago as captain of her 40-foot sailboat, Swell, headed south toward the wonder and learning that lies beyond the unbroken horizon. In true stories that overflow with wild waves and constant challenges at the whim of the weather, with relationships sweet and sour, and nature’s marvels and colorful cultures, Liz captures her voyage in gripping detail. She shares tales of sailing in high seas, of solitude and surprises, of finding connection to the earth and commitment to living in harmony with it. More than ten years, 20,000 miles, countless adventures, and 1 cat later, she’s still out there.


Author & Captain Liz Clark is a surfer and environmentalist who has been sailing the seas on her 40-foot sailboat, Swell, since early 2006. Liz fell in love with surfing while earning her BA in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara. After college, she turned her dream of sailing the world into reality, sailing south from Southern California through Central America and the Pacific Islands. For more than a decade, she has kept her nomadic ocean lifestyle going through writing, blogging, photography, representing conscious brands, and earning recognition as a surf adventurer, environmental activist, and captain. She hopes to inspire people to live their passions and reconnect with nature and our inherent oneness. She was featured in the film Dear and Yonder (2009) and was nominated for National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2015.


hardcover   |   336 pages   |   6" x 9"   |   color



“Captain Liz Clark’s intrepid, joyful, courageous, beautifully illustrated, searingly personal, and occasionally harrowing memoir, Swell, is the perfect antidote to any malaise. . . . Clark’s story will inspire anyone who yearns to be at large in the world―and especially those who dream of a life aquatic."

—Susan Casey, author of Voices in the Ocean, The Wave, and The Devil's Teeth

“Liz has excelled as a surfer, sailor, and explorer, but these descriptions do not truly impart the spirit, courage and humility of her life. She is one of those rare people who has chosen to journey far from the comfort and security of the shore, to risk all and follow her heart’s calling.”

—Wayne Lynch, legendary surfer


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