There's a Monster in My Ōpū

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ISBN: 9781573062442

After a boy and his dad arrive at the North Shore for a Saturday morning of surfing, the boy discovers that a noisy monster has joined them! With the help of a lei-making auntie and a favorite local treat, the boy makes the monster disappear. Skillful rhyme and colorful illustrations make this a book children and parents will want to read again and again.


Author Karyn Hopper, a former History, English, and Drama teacher, works from home while raising her 2 children. She grew up in the woods of New Hampshire and moved to Hawaiʻi in 1994. She enjoys writing as a hobby and spending time on the beaches of the North Shore, where she drew inspiration for the book.

Illustrated by Gavin Kobayashi


hardcover   |   24 pages   |   9" x 10.25"   |   color