Tropical Organic Gardening - Hawaiian Style

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ISBN: 9780912180579

Anyone who wants to grow a garden organically in a tropical climate will find Tropical Organic Gardening—Hawaiian Style an invaluable resource. Growing food organically has increased dramatically in the twenty years since this book was originally published as Organic Gardening in Hawaii. Attitudes toward improved personal health and the welfare of the natural environment have prompted changes in farming and gardening approaches.

Author Richard Stevens has drawn upon years of experimenting in his gardens to share valuable information and insights with the reader. His vast knowledge about tropical gardening was acquired through experiences in many places around the world including Guam, Vietnam, and China. Growing practices in Old Hawaii are discussed, giving insight into life in a pre-chemical world and placing organic gardening in historical perspective. Basic principles of organic gardening have been modified for tropical conditions and resources. Following an introduction to building a healthy soil, readers are given tools for natural pest control, companion plants, and organic fertilizers. Nutritional information and growing tips for popular fruits, vegetables and herbs are included. Remedies for nutrient and insect problems are conveniently listed in separate tables. The environmental impact of chemical farming is also addressed.

Richard Stevens has written a book both practical and beautiful, with a prose style that transforms a gardening manual into a work of art. Reading this book is sharing a poet’s love for the earth, gaining renewed respect for nature and embracing the joy of growing food organically.


by Richard Stevens


paperback  |   84 pages   |   5.5" x 8.5"   |   B&W