Tropical Pacific Island Environments

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ISBN: 9781573064620

This 2nd edition of Tropical Pacific Island Environments is the most comprehensive and up-to-date text covering the biological, ecological, and environmental relationships of Oceania. The text explores the cultural negotiations between traditional knowledges and Western scientific methods to better inform readers of the biogenesis of the Pacific. The colorful use of graphics, illustrations, and maps makes this invaluable resource engaging, while supplementing the scientific research, case studies, and data that have been incorporated to demonstrate just how the world of the Pacific has changed over the centuries. Content related to climate change, ecosystem management, and sustainability makes this text all the more relevant for today’s reader and student.

At the forefront of this text’s subject is the dynamic that each individual plays in the cohabitation of people with nature. Though expanded and updated sections covering terrestrial, freshwater, coastal, and marine environments, readers can be informed about how human impact has influenced the shape of our natural world. Documenting the first navigators and cultural observers sailing the Pacific’s trade winds to contemporary scholarship, this 2nd edition encompasses the work that generations have put forth to make knowledge about our ecosystem accessible to readers today.


by Christopher S. Lobban, Maria Schefter, Frank Camacho, John Johnson


paperback  |   560 pages   |   9.5" x 10"   |   color