Waikiki Tiki: Art, History, Photographs

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ISBN: 9781573063111

Waikiki Tiki: Art, History and Photographs is a contemporary, landscape-styled book that offers a pictorial documentation of the past and present of tiki (and related art forms) throughout Waikīkī as well as Hawai‘i’s island of Oʻahu.

This book displays original photographs that document the tiki art culture scene that blossomed after World War II through its modern forms today. A great many of the images captured in these pages no longer exist in real life. Much of the ephemera and archival material pictured reside only in the author’s private collection.


Author Phillip S. Roberts is a former radio air personality in Hawaii, and currently works as a freelance writer and photographer. He is an avid tiki researcher, documentarian, and collector.


hardcover   |   264 pages   |   7.5" x 5.75"   |   color



“This is one of those instant nostalgia books that maniacally delves into a previously overlooked corner of pop mythology... We like this book a lot.”

—The Star-Advertiser

“Whether you're obsessed with tiki culture, find it tacky, or see it as an offensive display of cultural appropriation, you can't deny the love that Phillip S. Roberts put into making this book.”

—Hawaii Book Blog

Waikiki Tiki makes an essential contribution to the appreciation of this Polynesian pop culture.”

—Sven Kirsten, author of The Book of Tiki and Tiki Modern

“Waikiki Tiki is a fascinating and richly illustrated portrait of how the new incarnation of tiki—forever changed by its appropriation into mainland pop culture—has triumphantly returned to its homeland to inspire, entertain, and educate generations of kama‘aina and haole alike.”

—James Teitelbaum, author of Tiki Road Trip and Big Stone Head: Easter Island and Pop Culture

“... this book gives a fuller, clearer picture of Tiki’s history and newfound popularity on the island.”

—Duke Carter, author of Tiki Quest: Collecting the Exotic Past

“Waikiki Tiki is an absolute treasure trove of Tiki put together by a Waikiki local. A true documentation of the golden age of Tiki through to the present day.”

—Careless Navigator

“... don't miss this small, handsomely designed book.”

—Hawaii Magazine

Waikiki Tiki: Art, History & Photographs by Phillip S. Roberts is a perfect example of a great Tiki coffee table book. Filled with great photos of everything from Tikis to Tiki Lounge menus, this tome gives a fun look into Hawaii’s and Tiki’s past.”

—Tiki Lounge Talk

“... a welcome and much appreciated insightful history of the Tiki that is both sacred and an imbedded part of Polynesian popular culture... a valued and highly recommended addition to personal reading lists, as well as academic and community library 'Hawaiian Studies’ reference collections.”

—Midwest Book Review