Hawaiians of Old 4th Ed.

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ISBN: 9781573064576

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About Hawaiians of Old 4th Edition

Key Content Covered:

  • Pre-Contact history including origins, migrations, people, culture, legends, economies, and societal changes
  • Sociological, political, and geographic influences on life in Polynesia and Hawai‘i
  • Interclass relationships and economic roles within early Hawaiian society
  • Economic, government, and cultural traditions and practices still in existence today
  • Hawaiian language, definitions, and glossary
Table of Contents

1) The Islands Were Born

2) Hawaiian Life Had Many Laws

3) Hawaiians Farmed

4) Hawaiians Fished

5) Hawaiians Made Many Things

6) Hawaiians Fought Wars

7) Hawaiians Played Sports and Games

8) Hawaiians Loved Stories and Music

Hawaiians of Old —Nā Kānaka Maoli o ka Wā Kahiko is the 4th edition of this history book that details the practices, lives, and societies of Hawaiian people before Western explorers arrived in the islands. “Hawaiians of old” is also a term for Hawaiian people who lived before those explorers landed on Hawaiian shores. The Hawaiians who lived then learned history by listening to the tales and chants of the kupuna, or elders. This book incorporates multiple perspectives about the history of Hawaiʻi during that time. All of the content was based on Hawaiian mythology, historical records interpreted and written by native Hawaiians, documents recorded by the first Western explorers, scientific observation, and from the traditions of the past, of which many are still practiced today. This new edition also uses Hawaiian language throughout.


by Betty Dunford


hardcover   |   218 pages   |   9.75" x 11.25"   |   color


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